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Romero and his company then sued the District in 2011 claiming over $13 million in damages. After nearly five years of pre-trial motions and depositions, both sides reached a mediated settlement that was approved by the Board on June 27, 2016. I had to fight against a $300 million a year entity just to get fairly compensated for what they did to me, Romero said. It wasnt easy, but I knew the corruption had to end, Romero added. During the investigation, Romero provided emails and text messages he received from Board members and other school officials and contractors involved in the pay-to-play scheme. Romero contends that contractors were extorted by powerful board members and the Superintendent to give gifts, dinners, and travel in order to be selected for contracts to build schools. But unlike other contractors, Romero won his contracts through an open hard bid, meaning that he was the lowest responsible bidder. Romero was not a defendant in the corruption case but did give sworn testimony before the San Diego County Grand Jury and provided details of the corrupt system the board members and superintendent used to extract gifts of dinners, drinks, and trips from contractors seeking work from the District. Romeros testimony was consistent with that of Henry Amigable, a representative for several companies that paid for expensive dinners for school officials. Amigable was described by prosecutors as the center of the pay-to-play scheme. Amigable pled guilty to providing gifts to board members and received three years probation after agreeing to cooperate with the prosecution.

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